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A traditional NY-style bagel is a time-honored tradition once thought to just be "about the water."  What sets Bagel Station apart from others (or so closely related to the beloved original) is our commitment to the process that makes a bagel what it is. Dough that is aged, boiled, then baked to create the perfect chewy inside and crunchy exterior. Bagel Station is proud of its consistent vote of confidence by the Winston Salem community as an annual Reader's Choice "Best of" designation year after year. We're so proud to be a part of and to support such a vibrant community. It's what keeps us going and growing. 

In addition to perfecting the classic bagel flavors, the team is constantly inspired to introduce more contemporary flavors and even snacks--growing to our now 26 varieties, such as: cheddar jalapeno, asiago, cinnamon maple bacon, 5-cheese-and-bacon, pumpkin, rainbow, sweet potato and more. We also make the best of our case leftovers to create great-tasting bagel chips as a quick grab and go item, great for dips, kids lunchboxes and salad toppers.

Memorable Hand-mixed Schmears


In addition to our 26 bagel flavors, Bagel Station offers 17 varieties of cream cheese and honey butter. From strawberry and orange cranberry to salmon spread, herb, lite veggie and more, we offer over 400 bagel and cream cheese combinations to keep you coming back!

Homemade Bagel Chips


We make the most of our bagels by taking the day's fresh-baked leftovers and turning them into something crispier. Our bagel chips come in multiple flavors and make a great grab and go item. Sprinkle on salads and soups, swap your crackers at your next cocktail party, or bring them to the  tailgate to enjoy with guacamole, queso or hummus! 

Fresh Baked Muffins and Pastries


Bagel Station offers fresh baked, pastries, muffins and cinnamon rolls to expand our offerings to those looking for options on the sweeter side. Come try these tasty breakfast options, or be a little naughty by adding a fresh-baked cookie to your lunch order.

Curated Specialties from NC & Beyond


  What we don't make, we curate. Enjoy some of our favorites from NC entrepreneurs and beyond. Try out a Sunshine beverage or some of Dee Dee's Cheese Straws. Bring back memories with some delicious babka, Rugelach or Hamantaschen straight from Brooklyn. Keep your eyes open for more exciting introductions.

Our Story

Our History


Bagel Station was started in March of 1990 by two New Yorkers who nestled in Winston-Salem to enjoy all this great city had to offer, but missed a little of home. So an idea was hatched to bring bagel dough down from the northeast and hope the community would feel the same.

Over the past three decades, Bagel Station has evolved to be a Reader's Choice #1 Bagel Cafe serving our own homemade dough and hand-mixed cream cheeses out of two convenient locations. Customer reviews overwhelmingly mention the feeling of home and our consistency in serving hot, fresh, authentic NY-style bagels that rival the originals.

Our Team


Our Bagel Station team is a group of hard-working, sincere individuals who understand what role we play in the community at large. We take great pride in serving the most delicious, authentic fare, coupled with the most welcoming and rewarding customer experience.

At Bagel Station, we strive to attract and retain individuals who take pride in keeping a Winston-Salem original alive and thriving for new bagel lovers. We work to promote from within and reward our special team for the efforts they personally contribute. We strive to be the best part of your day! Join us!

Our Commitment


As a long-time member of the Winston-Salem community, our Bagel Station team thrives on nurturing a neighborhood atmosphere at our stores and contributing to our neighbors in their efforts to make the Triad a better place.

If you are interested in seeking sponsorships, partnerships or donations from Bagel Station, please follow the guidelines below. As we are a small business, it may take us a bit to get back to you, so make sure to provide at least 3 weeks lead time or more for your requests.

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